Are'nt teachers of 2day constantly failing to realize their responsibilities?

January 19, 2012 4:05am CST
In India, there is a famous verse of saint KABIR which goes like "GURU GOBIND DAU KHADE KAAKE LAGU PAAYE, BALIHARI GURU AAPNE GOBIND DIYO BATAYE" In essence ,it puts a teacher parallel to the almighty because the teacher is the one who lets us to trace the path which goes to the almighty. But today when we look around we find that there exist a very small percentage of teachers who really care about the magnification of his/her pupil's religious aspects which ultimately results in low quality individuals who can not distinguish the good and the bad, who cannot learn how to respect other people and religions. And in a country like India, where a large number of diverse and distinct religious communities exist ,it becomes an issue worth discussing. Today,people go into this noble profession of teaching because of monetary benefits and flexible work environment without knowing the real weight and importance of it. I expect my fellow mylotters to come and join the discussion and enlighten all of us.:-)