Tournament....or Not to Tournament?

United States
January 19, 2012 3:41pm CST
I've been playing on Club Pogo since 2005 and it seems that there is one issue that seems to occur more often than not. You're playing a game, enjoying a conversation with your friend (or friends) and all of a sudden here they come; one by one people enter the room so fast you would think someone was giving away $1,000,000. Then one person enters THAT HAS TO SHOUT EVERYTHING! The dreaded Pogo Tournaments! Now, I say dreaded, but that doesn't mean it's my own personal opinion. I'll explain why. Sure, Pogo Tournaments can be sometimes so annoying you want to climb inside your computer and choke them with your power cord, I myself have ran into some rather rude members and Hosts. But when you look at the Pogo Room List, how many rooms are their? How many tables? More than enough! Sure, you've got this one room that has your name written on a chair. Sure you always meet your friends in that one room. I understand your pain. Let me share an experience... One time I was getting ready to play Canasta with my mother (yes we usually meet up on Pogo every night as we live across the country) and I was waiting on her to enter the room so I could tell her what table really fast so she didn't have to scroll the the huge list. When I put the table number in the room, I was immediately insulted by a tournament host and even some members telling me not to interrupt their tournament and I was being rude. Sure they were in the room first. But all members of Pogo have a right to be in any room they choose as we all do pay our membership fees. Pogo has since made special rooms named "Tournament Room" but they are not necessarily required to play in their, although it would be nice. There could still be some inconvient circumstances of why they can't play in their. Imagine two tournaments in one room? WOW! Now I am not calling these tournement players evil even though they are a real pain the %!#@ at times. Looking from both sides non tourny players have mute, and many other rooms to play in. Sure we want to stand our ground, but fighting with someone online is pointless. People feel mighty behind their computer. You're arguing with a brick wall. Be the bigger person and leave if it bothers you that much, right? As for the tourney members, they do need to be a little more polite as well. I don't participate in these tourneys as it doesn't interest me. We teach our kids to be respectful to others, and if someone bothers you, walk away. Now why are adults on Pogo acting like kids? I'm interested in hearing other peoples opinions.
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