What can we do to help; keep Mothe Earth healthy?

United States
January 19, 2012 9:15pm CST
With so many GMO foods out there I wonder how long before hundreds or even thousands of people will be dying because of what they contain? Even conventional farming "kills" the soil by putting chemicals that kill the bacteria, fungi and even the earthworms that break down natural foods for the plants to feed on. How long before we have so much sterile (dead soil) that it will not sustain organic gardening and farming for a long time after organic practices start? Why do they not tell the produces to label GMO foods so that the consumers (you and me) can make an educated guess as to what is healthy and that that is not (GMO)? When GMO plants pollinate other plants nearby, the owners of these GMO plants actually "own" the previously non GMO plants because of patiented laws. Should GMO foods be labeled as such? If not, why do you think not?
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• Philippines
12 Mar 12
GMO foods should be labeled as such. Labeling will allow consumers to make a choice what to buy. This is also one's right to information. I think there are now a few court victories - at lower courts as yet, not at the highest, supreme or constitutional courts - that consider GMO contamination as "trespassing on private property." Before, it was the seed company that could and did sue farmers for "infringement of intellectual property rights" if it could be proven that the farmers' crops have GMO-contaminated plants. Now it is the other way around, AS IT SHOULD BE. The farmers can and should sue the seed companies for trespassing if his/her field is contaminated by GMO.