love n life

January 20, 2012 4:03pm CST
love is for life or life is for love?
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@arjunm (439)
• India
21 Jan 12
wow.... nice sentence.... very difficult question... i think love is for life..... because love makes our life beautiful.. but if our life does not exist then our love has no position....
• Pakistan
21 Jan 12
thanks all those who contributed..........thanksssssssssss
@sumatix (258)
• United Arab Emirates
21 Jan 12
For me "love is for life". it is like a fuel to my life which keep it is very much needed else there is no motto of living as i do things for my family out oflove. i love my husband and my son and always want to be with them, my entire life is for my loved ones...
• India
21 Jan 12
well friend...i personally feel that both complement each other and they cannot be seperated from each other. There would be no charm in your like if there is no one to love and care for you.One would be able to live life at its fullest if there is someone who loves you and cares for you. well i am very lucky in this respect as i have LOVE IN MY LIFE. HAVE A NICE DAY
@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
21 Jan 12
both ways. it is because each one enhances and provides the other. love provides meaning to life which, in turn, enhances the meaning of love. i could not imagine one being absent from the other in order to live meaningfully. thanks for this discussion.
20 Jan 12
I think its either way. you will get life if you will love.. =)