Why do people say "THANKS A LOT" instead of "THANK YOU SO MUCH"?

January 22, 2012 9:01am CST
Each time I hear somebody say "thanks a lot" my brain makes a flashback and it gives me a picture of the roses and daisies in my garden LOT. See a 'lot' is a piece of land, not a phrase to use instead of much.? That speaks clearly to us of the importance of what we say to others. Emily Dickinson said "A word is dead when it is said, some say, it just begins to live that day." The words we say may have long-term consequences, Our comments, our compliments, and even our harsh criticisms may stick with the hearers/readers for a long time. Do you thinks we should use the word MUCH more often? What do you think?
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@vandana7 (67705)
• India
22 Jan 12
I really dont know but I too have a lot of doubts about English. And I am here to check the answers that others will provide. :)
22 Jan 12
Hi Vendana7 Thanks for the expression of doubt. That makes 2 of us. I am just trying to speak my observation aloud. Perhaps a little critical but yeah I really believe we should be using "much" more often than "lot". That is if both are grammatically correct.
22 Jan 12
Hi 3honor My bi-line first. Your username is cute. I completely agree with you. English has evolved so many times that it is difficult to tell which one is the original English unless one is an expert in the evolution of language. (Are these experts called anthropologist? I'm not sure.) Also the youth of today is so adept at coining words. Very often I have to invite Webster back in my desk to find words that i thought was English but even Webster haven't listed it. Funny but yeah that is language evolution.
@JER616 (551)
• Philippines
22 Jan 12
You really will have a problem not accepting that phrase if you confine yourself to a single definition for the word "lot". Please note that a word may have shades of meaning, and "lot" is definitely not an exemption. Consider the other shades of meaning for this word at: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lot8
22 Jan 12
Hi JER616 You are right. Ive tried to simplify and used only 1 single definition. Oh gosh! are you serious? Do I really have to visit Webster this time when I'm having fun and tickling minds.... mine included. This is a pleasant mental torture but with "lots" of fun..... I sure hope it won't turn into a devastatingly cruel mental torture though... Peace!