Please, i need you help

January 23, 2012 12:29pm CST
The thing is, there is a girl i really fancy. But i just don't have the guts to tell her what i feel. Every time i think of speaking my mind, i go nuts. How can i tell her that i want her without getting nervous? It feels like going to iraq to fight is a better option than talking to her. Please help me get over this. Help me get her. I guess i want to be motivated
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@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
23 Jan 12
Wow, I remember myself 3 years ago, I had this thing with my friend, I so love her, and I wanted her to be MINE, all of my friends knew about my feeling to her except her. the HER that I'm saying is actually my best friend. we were always together, and I know she didn't even noticed that I have feelings for her. Then One day it was January 25, She went in our house, they that was the time that I talked to her about my feeling, I was so afraid then because of rejection, but I have to face it I said to myself.."its now or never".. finally telling to her that I love her since the day I met her, then she said.. " ME TOO".... then that's it.. we were together for 3 years on January 25.. My only advice to you is that, just be yourself, be confident, if you have really good intention to that girl, fight for her.. express your feeling, don't stutter, because stuttering means lying.. you tell her how you feel and if she doesn't want it.. accept it.. and just be friends,,
• Malawi
24 Jan 12
Your story is really motivating.Am going to do this. And i'll let you all know if am successful. Its time to let it out. I mean for how long will keep wanting her?
• Philippines
14 Feb 12
You are obviously having a hard time to talk with the girl you like. I must admit it's really not easy to tell your feelings to the girl we like but you should also think that you might miss her if you would just sit there and wait for the opportunity to come. Cast out your nerves and stand like a real man or else you will regret that you did not tell your feelings to her in the future.
@kaeirole (669)
• Philippines
31 Jan 12
it's common to say that just be yourself..1st thing you should do is to decide whether you want her to know about what you feel or not..then if yes, everything will'll do everything just to let that girl know how you feel about her..
@Olleenz (3400)
• Indonesia
23 Jan 12
Don't think, just do it(I mean talk to her). More and more you thinking, your nervous become bigger than before.