Does anybody here have timeshare?

@bloggeroo (2171)
January 23, 2012 5:14pm CST
I just attended a timeshare presentation. The property developer was promoting its chain of vacation resorts all over the country and those of its partners worldwide. I've heard about this concept years back, but I don't know if it's as good as they say. I'm concerned that when time comes that I do take a vacation that I'd be one of the horror stories. Anyway, is it worth the money invested? The concept is like forced saving, but of course, it's going toward an expense item that I may or may not need.
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@marguicha (105821)
• Chile
8 Sep 12
I have had a timeshare for about 20 years and for me it has meant the possibility of traveling and staying at awesome lodgings for a reasonable price. Sometimes, when I cannot go, I have rented it (at the same price of the maintenance fee) to friends or family and I don´t lose the yearly payment. I have traded my timeshare sevral times and thave gone to other plces in the world. As I am also, though them, member or an exchange service, I can even have extra getaways it I want to.
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24 Jan 12
I don't have a Timeshare myself but My Mother is trying to sell hers. she has a timeshare with Radisson which allows her to stay in any Radisson hotel for a week every year. She got it when she went to Malta a few years ago.
@bloggeroo (2171)
• Philippines
24 Jan 12
Has she sold her shares? And does she plan to make a profit from the sales? Anyway, I'll try to find out about the demand for this type of "investment" so I'll have better insight when the opportunity presents itself in the future.
@dainy1313 (2354)
• Leon, Mexico
3 Jan 13
Hello bloggeroo my mother has timeshares, not one, she has three since 20 years ago. We have enjoyed them very much. She lend them to us, and if she mixes two of them the complete family can take vacations together: my mother, the family of my mother such as cousins, my brother with his family and me with my family, all together in comfortable spaces for each family. As timeshares have kitchen we never pay on restaurants, the ladies cook, and food is always available for kids as snacks at fridge, there`s always fresh drink and milk. We had travelled worldwide, to europe and to southamerica with the timeshare. And we`ve got grateful savings in normal rates. We have also rented it some years ago that we couldn´t take vacation. Just read the whole contract and avoid scams. Be sure that you are dealing with serious companies. Blessigns Bloggeroo... dainy
@TheCatLady (4695)
• Israel
26 Mar 12
It's a very bad investment. You are tied down to a certain place or chain. You have to pay maintenance even if you don't use it. The company can go bankrupt and you are out of luck. The place might stop doing repairs and you are out of luck. It's hard to sell your time share if you get sick of it. It is much better to just put the money in a vacation account and then go on vacations when you have enough saved. That way you aren't stuck with one place or one date or one chain.