@didi13 (2927)
January 24, 2012 5:23am CST
There are some people who live without love, there are some people who believe that love, but living an illusion ... Certainly I could not live without love ... completely And I think there is one for every occasion. That comes when you least expect it ... Many may not recognize it, it might be blind because of darkness in which they lived before, many may not believe what they have been disappointed when they called love, and many can not understand ... but I see, think, understand ... is like a spring snow coming, like a dream ... a heart called unexpected occurrence that world upside down, and puts the things where as it should be from the beginning. And I wonder, always find the ability to not let perhaps last chance at a fulfilling life of love that you encounter once in a lifetime, round, perfect????
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@boyuancy (1709)
• India
25 Jan 12
I cannot say, I mean for once, I am tempted to think that all the love that people talk about is just their personal feelings and it doesn't actually exist. But if I say so,for me, it'd be "Grapes are sour" thing. So I rather not say it and let the people live in the illusion of love.
@mselin (77)
• India
24 Jan 12
You have a very important point there. Some times love is not as poetic or colorful as depicted in films or love stories. Love is more realistic. Love could also be practical :). May be there is a "love at first sight" but I feel, you could fall in love with the person who loves you most which might be a perfect lifetime love