very confused and sad situation.

January 24, 2012 8:19am CST
3 girls are loving one boy. but these three girls are very close friends and close to the boy. but the boy loves one from these three girls.if anyone know this they will become enemy and will happen a war.what will i do.???.im very sad and confusion
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@twardwfh (49)
24 Jan 12
If you are neither the girl or the boy who like eachother then it is not down to you to do anything. If you are the boy in this scenario then I'm afraid this one is down to you. You have every right to choose who you want to be with as long as the other person feels this way too and the other two girls should respect your decision. If you are the girl involved here then you need to talk with this boy and ensure that you both tell the other girls together. If they fall out with you over it then they are NOT real friends. Each of those girls in this situation would know that the boy would not choose all three girls and that this ultimately means 2 girls will lose out if not all 3.