I need help, yet again

@gothtini (219)
United States
January 24, 2012 3:35pm CST
Alright so you guys may have seen my discussion up here before about needing a site that is pay per download. Well it looks like I need that help yet again sadly. I had gone with one site, there was mixed reviews about it on the net and I figured since I do site testing for my blog I might as well do another test and do it on the hosting site. Well, that was going well I had made 4 cents which may not seem like much but that was over 20 small file downloads of files that I fully own and I was rather happy. I went to the site today and all of a sudden they have stopped their affiliate program with no reason why, and there had been no warning before hand. I took this with a grain of salt, the news was annoying but I figured I could do some searching and find another site on my own. As I did my searching I found a forum where a person had asked the same question I had, with that I started checking out the sites they were given. First site I did checking on was shut down, and just recently too without any real news as to why. It was done within the last few days though, and many figure its because of how megaupload was shutdown by the FBI. So, I moved onto another site to try out, and when I went to the site I was informed my country was blocked by it. My country, as in the USA, one of the few countries that is almost always allowed into sites, was blocked. Because of the way things have gone down, other sites have begun to fear the USA and truthfully I don't blame them. I wouldn't want my site treated like that either and be arrested etc. However, I am a bit annoyed with them because I am trying to do something I have the right to do. After all they are my files, they do not break copyright laws so they wouldn't have to fear me. This is just a situation where the US has screwed over the legal people once again.. So I come to you guys again, with the situations having been changed its even harder to find what I want. What I am wanting is a site where I can upload multiple files, and be paid for them being downloaded without the people downloading them having to do surveys. I don't want to annoy my site viewers with surveys etc just because I want to earn extra cash! I know sites that rely on the ad revenues to pay you won't pay much per download, and that is alright I'm not expecting to get rich.
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@kundanraj (660)
• India
24 Jan 12
I know that megaupload had been down it was supposed to be download illegal things that why it got down. I suggest you to do not try uploading or downloading type of paying sites as you get spamec when you get few cents. I prefer you to left those kind of business I suggest you to work for like mylot type site which will pay more than what those upload downloading sites. I work more or only on mylot and i good with information i get with knowledge and the earning as well. it better too do like this. Also theose copyriht problem is every where the us is only thining about them self and they ....
@gothtini (219)
• United States
24 Jan 12
You prefer I left those kind of businesses? Its not your place to say what kind of businesses you prefer I do, you aren't the boss of me. I know you can earn on mylot, I'm posting on it am I not? When earning online it is best to do multiple things because you can earn more. Plus, I want the upload site because it will help me with my regular website. I run my own site, I need a place to upload files and if I can earn a bit of cash from people downloading that will help me. As I stated before I am not looking to get rich in this, I'm just looking for something extra.