It had jumped the shark

Calgary, Alberta
January 24, 2012 7:33pm CST
This is something that could apply to different forms of media, It could be a TV show that you follow religiously for years, It could be a comicbook series that you always read, It could be a Book series that use to entice you, It could be a videogame franchise that you play excitedly. Some of those things I mentioned got ruined because it has gone stale, While others got ruined because producers tried to fix something that is not broken. It had jumped the shark but you still follow it and as a fan you are afraid this could come to an end cos its either its losing ratings or fans or it became popular to casual audience, It became too casual and producers abandoned the old fans and fully changed it for the sake of the newer fans.
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@Kalyni2011 (3503)
• India
11 Feb 12
Hello I am unable to understand about what you are talking? I checked if there are responses, but there is none, so others too are unable to get it? Will you please tell in details? Thanks in advance..
• Calgary, Alberta
11 Feb 12
I will make this simple as possible, You like a TV show, It gets popular cosits different, then the producers got greedy, They get a fanbase but they want to get the General audience,so from a Unique show it became a cliche....Get it! I love a certain horror videogame series, it use to be a scary horror game, but on its sequel its just an action game. Its not scary anymore. Get it.... You love a certain singer cos that singer is different but on that singer's latest album, He or she became Generic... for the sake of getting the majority. Betrays the old fans to get new fans..... get it....