my experience taking the board exam

January 25, 2012 9:55am CST
a day before the exam i really feel that i need to read and read and read cause i might forgot important highlight that may come out in our board exam and i keep on praying that god would help me. the day of the board exam i feel like its just a regular day and nothing special im not nervous or afraid... i just cant help reading notes but im reading it without pressure, i felt ready that time and lift everything to the lord. the board exam starts so i signed my identification sheet(my problem starts here). when i finish filling up of my application num. and finished the first test i found out that my application num. in my form was different to the application number in the list of the PRC. i was able to change it but im soo worried because my application sheet has erasures and thinking that the scantrun might not read it right.. i almost lost hope and ask my instructor if this error wont be accepted and ill just go home and don't take the rest of the test. but the instructor told me that it is ok and continue the rest of the exam and don't worry too much.. the first day of exam ends and still i feel like crying about the error. the 2nd day of exam i feel pain in my nape to my shoulder. im really trying to concentrate to the exam but the pain really distracts me but still i continue answering even im sweating because of pain. at last the exam ended and feel like i want to sleep but still the problem with the application sheet really bothers me.. the next day i decided to divert my attention to other activities and thoughts... if you ask how was my exam well i don't know...
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