when to cashout?

January 26, 2012 4:53am CST
Well this might seem a silly question but when do you cashout on a PTC site? for me if it is a site that I feel is stable I wont cashout once I reach the minimum but if its a site I am unsure of then I will cashout asap. At the moment I have not cashed out on neobux but have nearly $5 in my account I am planning on letting that increase and increase to at least $100 if I am patient enough because I trust that the site will not become a scam. Other sites I have used like ref4bux I cashout when I get the min to cashout as I do not trust that they will be around for long. I think it all depends on how well you know the site and your experiences with them in the past.. What do you all think?
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• United States
26 Jan 12
I like to cash out as soon as I hit the minimum because you never know what will happen if you let the money just sit there. I say cash out and send the money to your PayPal and just let it sit in your PayPal til your reach your goal. That way you know your money is safe.
• Philippines
27 Jan 12
I totally agree with hsentertainment. It's the only way you can be sure that your hardwork won't go to waste.
@varier (5699)
• Indonesia
28 Jan 12
Either it is listed as Elite site, Legit site, have no reputation or New Site, I will cash out the earning soon after I reached the minimum payment. Why should I bother to wait when I am eligible to cash out at a time? XD. And I think it's best to cash out ASAP as you will never know what will happen in the future..
@sajeevking (5080)
• Mumbai, India
26 Jan 12
If the site is new one i always cashout as soon as the reach the payout amount and if the site is old and trusted then i like to keep it there and use it when i need it i have reach payout at few trusted site now but would cashout when i get a idea on where to use it
• Chennai, India
26 Jan 12
You said it correct. If the site is reliable, the money can be there. I don't hurry to cashout. Most of the money I earn online, I spend it online. So, when I have any online need, then only I'll think of cashing out. However, BUX sites are known to disappear anytime. So, if I were you I will cashout in all the BUX sites asap. Who knows, though neobux is not a known scam, often they delete members on the ground "duplicate account". I think they are strictly watching the IP addresses. I won't let it happen. (Some things are out of our control. We can't do if our ISP re-assigns any IP to our PC, which was previously used by another.) Why take chances?