my mood changes with passion fruit orange...

@ajk111 (2527)
January 26, 2012 3:02pm CST
I find facinating my mood swings when colours are involved. my livingroom is onion white and makes me feel hungry. my bedroom is a shade called gantin red which makes me want to slap my bed side lamp. my bathroom is a vibrant wallpaper called vodka blue....i love it! what makes you happy with a colour scheme and why?
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@josegund (60)
• Philippines
27 Jan 12
i think my mood doesnt go with the colors around me...but i really love seeing colr black...i wanted my room to be colored by black and white checkered...thats what i wanted to achieve in my house...rather than black i also like yellow...because i think they are good combinations...
@thesids (22351)
• Bhubaneswar, India
27 Jan 12
Hi Ajk I love the Bright Lighter Shades of Blue and the CuSo4 Color is my favorite. Though I havent been lucky to have my preferred choices when it comes to homes and rooms, (I still stay at rented places) and have to adjust with what the landlord has on offer... but I would like to have lots of sunlight in the room apart from the lighter bright shades.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
26 Jan 12
I have read how colours can do this, I don't like the colour green except in plants and such but a friend of mine have just moved into a house with all very pale green walls and I must say I think it is very cool and calming..
• United States
26 Jan 12
Living room is this weird beige color, and it makes me feel foreign for some reason. My bedroom is sanguine, or blood red, and it inspires me as I write, because it reminds of the beating of the heart, and the complexity of life.