i always want him to sing this...

@jazel_juan (15767)
January 26, 2012 7:35pm CST
My dad has his own videoke.. that big thing with a tv where you can punch numbers and sing with it. lol it is a typical Filipino past time hobby - sing in videoke..and a hit in parties and celebrations. My dad bought that because he loves to sing. So whenever there is a party at home or when he feels bored. he sings. I on the other is so bad at singing - i believe i am tone deaf - yes i suck at it lol but don't take me wrong, i love music. its just not the other way around hahaha. Well, my hubby on the other is also a good singer and i always let him sing when there are parties and celebrations and if there is one song i let him when the videoke is turned on... i let him sing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5WybiA263bw&feature=autoplay&list=TLc4JAwQQi8EM&lf=artistob&playnext=4 :D while for my dad, i let him sing "the impossible dream" lol he always sing that!
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@bunnybon7 (36881)
• Holiday, Florida
27 Jan 12
Oh I to love music. i also love both those songs. like you, i can not sing. cant carry a tune at all. Here in the USA kareoke is also a great pass time and there are kareoke bars where people go and sing while they drink and entertain each other my son loves to go when he goes outu and he always sings Brandy. one of my favorite songs.
@eljayo (1107)
• Philippines
27 Jan 12
Hi! I have nothing against somebody who sings on videoke but they should respect their neighbors when it is time to sleep. Just like our neighbor whenever there's a party at their home, they always sing aloud until dawn and it makes our head ache because we can't sleep. Hmm.Anyway , my dad loves to sing too but not on karaoke, he sings by himself and he only sings Christian songs. :))
@arjunm (439)
• India
27 Jan 12
Its a good thing to force your father to sing a song. whenever he feel bore or some kind of feelings that feel him depress there is only a song change his mood. its a great thing.
@kingparker (9698)
• United States
27 Jan 12
I am not good at singing, but my friend who is Vietnamese, they are karaoke junkies. They love to sing, and dance too while hosting parties at home. I always shy from it whenever they invite me to take the mike. I just can't sing, and I hate to embarrass myself in front of everyone.