Milan still doubt to hire Tevez

January 26, 2012 9:45pm CST
As we know Tevez has fight with City management since he refused to play and argue with Mancini and now he is back to Argentina since then. Tevez really keen to move from City but so far Inter and Paris st germain have decided to cancel to buy him recently. The only hope for him is AC Milan, they still negotiate with City to contract him.However, city management still insist to let him go for 30 million poundsterling seems they want to take profit from him or hold them in this situation until summer or end of his contract which is still another two years.. What do you think about Tevez destiny? Will he becomes Milan striker?
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@stvasile (7317)
• Romania
28 Jan 12
I really have no idea where Tevez will go, because it's really hard to tell what's in that head of his... He's never been a bad player if you look at his performance. He did have his ups and downs, but overall he's been a fairly good striker. On the other hand, he has severe behaviour problems. He always had problems with his managers because he really wants to play all the time. He can't conceive that some other player can be better than him at a certain time. That's what made him leave Man Utd. and that's what will make him leave Man City. PSG was interested in him, Milan seems interested as well... He is an interesting player and he will play for a good European club, that's for sure. On the other hand, considering he doesn't like being a reserve, I wonder if it wouldn't please him more to play in one of the Arabian leagues. I'm sure they will pay him royally and they will never keep him on the bench.