How did technology affect you?

Davao, Philippines
January 27, 2012 3:03am CST
Computer and communication technologies have deeply changed the way we interact with other people. What technological application (e.g. e-mail, blogs,social networks) has affected your relationships with others? Has this created any social implications and ethical problems for you?
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
27 Jan 12
Technology has opened up the world for everyone unfortunately I think it has also cause a lot of problems with people meeting up on line with people I think it would have been better that they never did.
@lifes97 (885)
• United Arab Emirates
27 Jan 12
technology made the life to all with no social, becase you spend tiem online and on messenger and topics and sites and articles and reviews and playing games so you do not have tie family or colleagues and some people their work affected because of this
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@telmesh (1793)
27 Jan 12
Technology has been good for me, it has enhanced my life especially where computers and phones are concerned. I started learning to use a computer when windows 3.1 was the microsoft operating system and now it allows me to talk to complete strangers the world over and call them friends. For all I know they could all be one computer but there are too many inaccuracies for that to be true. I can find and talk to relatives I didn't know I had in far flung places. Shopping on-line we didn't even think off when I was at school, now we take for granted. On-line banking. Relay messages in the blink of an eye arrange holidays, keep in contact with people we have met on holiday. The bad things that some people have experienced have not happened to me. No one has raided my bank account. No one has said bad things about me. I do take precautions and know that it can happen.