What do you think of school policy that bans the use of phones during classes?

Davao, Philippines
January 27, 2012 3:13am CST
Some schools ban the use of cellphones during classes. There are teachers that requires their students to turn in their phones at the beginning of the class and can only be taken back by the students afterwards. Do you think they are good policies?
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@alberello (4755)
• Italy
27 Jan 12
Yes, I think that this procedure is right. Otherwise happen very often that students play with their phones, not following the lesson with due care. At least in the hours in the classroom when the teacher says they are right to ban cell phone use. After all, the boys have that much free time outside of school to do what they like! If then there was just an emergency call (at least this happened when I was in school), parents can always inform the student by calling the school directly
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@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
27 Jan 12
Personally I think mobile phone can be a distraction to students, I think people today rely too much on their phones, for all the communication people have today they don't really know how to communicate anyway...
@lekhya (819)
• India
27 Jan 12
Yes helm..i completely agree with them.Some students have no discipline.Because of which the others are being punished.To keep them under control the teachers definitely need to have strict rules and all must abide to them.They can't leave the students for they will.Its a good thing to be strict.I feel there is no need to maintain phones...We never used to carry any to our classes.Our parents used to be strict and i feel they have every right to do that.Infact its for the benefit of the students and not for the teacher.Everyone should realize this.
• United States
27 Jan 12
On the one hand, I think taking them from them automatically without question is a bit extreme. But on the other hand, we have developed a society where when people are disciplined they have a tendency to say they were targeted for any number of reasons. I can see where taking their phones away right from the start makes it the same treatment for everyone, that no one is treated any differently than anyone else. When I was a kid ... well first of all no one would have had a cell phone let alone had it in class, but if we had had them we'd have been told not to use them in class and if we were caught they'd have been taken away and no amount of whining and crying that it wasn't fair, you just don't like me, would have made any difference. The rule is no phone during class, you broke the rule, the teacher takes your phone. End of. It just points to the lack of respect people have anymore. It shouldn't be an issue.