It's amazing how much one can think of it one is not busy...

Davao, Philippines
January 27, 2012 2:28pm CST
Do you notice that whenever you are stressed out or have a lot in your mind, it seems like no new ideas pop-into your head? The same goes for those who had a lot of problems. Because of worry, one cannot (most of the time) determine the best solution to fix their problems. The phrase, "one needs a clear head to think properly" is very true especially to me. Before I got sick and have to limit my time in front of my computer, I was trying to think up discussion topics that will make MyLot users think and wish to respond to it. And guess what...It was a total EPIC FAIL. Due to my limited time in front of my PC. It seems like my head became so empty of computer generated problems but at the same time so full of new ideas that I don't know anymore which one of them is the first to pop-in. Sometimes (lately), if I just close my eyes, I can think of more ideas on what might be good for this and that. Have you experienced something like this too?
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@megamatt (14326)
• United States
30 Jan 12
That tends to be the case. There have been many times where I am trying to stress about a problem. There are just going to be a lot of times where there seem to be no logical solutions, which is a huge problem. When my mind is working on a few things really at once. And there are just going to be many times where all of this stress is going to overwhelm me. However, funnily enough when my mind is relaxed, it is a lot easier to piece out a situation. Often times it happens right in my sleep, right in my dreams. Where my mind is able to work the best without distractions. But there are times where a rested mind is going to rather be something that is going to me rather well. Just something that will allow me to solve the problems of the day and get everything that needs to be done, done.
• Philippines
28 Jan 12
I am hoping that my work will not turn out as an epic fail. To tell you the truth, I have a ton of work pilling up and my body isn't cooperating. I caught the cold, made into the time of the month again and feel tired, sleepy and stressed but I need to submit some work and research before the week is out. As much as I wanted to sleep and only work in dreams, I cannot bypass my commitments (one of the things I kinda regret as an adult). Anyway, I also have limited time with the computer (which isn't at top shape either) so i spend my time writing and planning. that way, the only thing I have to do is already listed and organized - and I don;t have to fight for computer-territorial rights. Or I sleep and try to forget things. ha ha ha. Anyway, I hope to get my head clear up soon or i ill be lagging behind - in mylot and real life.
@lilaclady (28238)
• Australia
27 Jan 12
I guess that is pretty logical, sometimes when we have to much on our mind we really don't think clearly, so to clear the mind is what we have to do, happens to me all the time.