How can I lose pound in 3 months?

January 28, 2012 1:33am CST
Good day!! I have a big problem! I'm not happy anymore with my figure. Before I am 59 kg, but since our graduation is over and we have to review for out board exam I started to gain 20kg because I have no choice but to eat and eat to feed my brain cells. Now, a few months after the board I became heavier, I've started taking meds/ diet pills and limiting my food intake but still it wont work. I am worried because my clothes wont fit me and I think I don't feel beautiful about myself. Aside from that, my mom is always telling me to start losing weight because she is thinking about what the others will say to me. This weight problem really is frustrating because its affecting my social capability too. Now Im afraid to go out or see my friends because they will just say that Im fat. I don't know what will be the remedy? Can u help me?
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@mavil85 (350)
• Philippines
29 Jan 12
I am also having the same problem. I am also being pressured by my mom, well i guess we should eat less and exercise more. the thing with me is i'm too lazy to exercise and i love eating. try dancing! or walking, or jogging.
• Philippines
29 Jan 12
haha! we really have the same problem sissy! It upsets me because I've try all my best to lose weight but still it wont work.. :( I also limit my foods, exercise/jog daily but still the results is devastating.. I dunno what to do on my body :(
• Japan
31 Jan 12
Omg girl!we're on the same boat haha I am also eager to lose weight. After holidays and had quit smoking I started eating more and just became a hubby eating snacks, snacks there and here and now lot of people notice that I gained a lot of weight. I was 118lbs before and became 148lbs which is really omg! haha I do walking for a mile 3 times a week and lessen my food intake specially carbs, I haven't weight my self yet coz I want my friends to notice changes haha. Good luck to our weight loss journey
@deodavid (4150)
• Philippines
30 Jan 12
My suggestions are, 1. Stop eating rice 2. Start walking 5 times around a block or a basketball court or anything that has long distance, 3. Do choirs in the house everyday 4. Eat oats in the morning only for breakfast Eat vegetable soup for lunch and anything goes for evenings 5. Dont drink anymore soft drinks and do this until you reach your goal Then you can go back to your usual eating habits but increase your exercise and eat less portions.