i hate my cellphone!

January 28, 2012 6:57am CST
My cellphone keeps on turning off even if I just charged it. I wonder what's wrong with it. Is it caused by being dropped several times? What should I do? I really hate it! Please give me advise guys.
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• South Africa
2 Feb 12
maybe it is just battery faulty. Need to change a new one otherwise can damage the phone itself also
@tatzkie23 (773)
• Philippines
29 Jan 12
Sorry to hear that. Maybe try to change your battery or something, since you said you've charged it. Or maybe the whole cellphone is to blame. If it's the battery, try to borrow same battery from someone, and just test it if it's going to turn off even if it's full bar.
• Kuwait
29 Jan 12
try to use your cellphone with a different working battery. if still it persist, then the problem is with your cellphone and not your battery
@leinrix (489)
• Philippines
28 Jan 12
i think better ask the expert about it or bring it to them so they can do couple of test to identify the cause of your cellphone problem or if the the guarantee of your phone purchase is not expired yet better bring it back to them
@yugasini (12839)
• Anantapur, India
28 Jan 12
hi friend, i could not hate my cell phone,it never hurts me and teases me, i do not get more phone calls and missed called , so there is no worry with my phone,it is important now a days to have a phone,but i have two cell phone with three sim cards,so i know the importance of cell phone,have a nice day
@lifes97 (885)
• United Arab Emirates
28 Jan 12
i hate my cell phone also its old and have high radiation also, i want to new one lke samsung or nokia mabye but its pricey so for now i use this old one and later maybe these will be cheap then i can buy it and have fun with the new one and when have money
@chiyosan (30204)
• Philippines
28 Jan 12
hmm i think you should know first where you are getting the problem from.. maybe its from the battery.. that the battery is already defective... it may not be the phone itself.
@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
28 Jan 12
If you are under a contract you can call the customer service support and they will run a couple of tests on your phone. if you have the insurance for your phone, then it will be easier to replace. if its a new one, you should have 30 days to take it back in. Another solution is going in to where you bought your phone and have them check it out. I bought a brand new phone last year and I could not get some of the features to work. I took it in and they tried to tell me I had to buy the wifi service. Then someone else said no you did not. So finally after the runaround, I made them give me a different phone. Dropping your phone a lot I imagine can cause problems. I very seldom drop mine as I know they are expensive and I cant afford them. I am no longer under a contract so I buy my new phones outright. hope this helps you some in getting your phone looked at and maybe get some solutions. Oh another thing, if your phone is acting up, they have said turn it off. wait a few minutes and turn back on to see if it resets itself too. Good Luck. Darn phones can get expensive!
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
28 Jan 12
Dropping it several times I guess would be the caused.I do experience it to my phone before,I think you should bring it to a service center to check it up and to determine what is the problem then eventually they will fix it and make you it in good running condition.I think the expert on cellphone repair with handle it well.