How to gain weight gain for men ?

January 28, 2012 7:25am CST
Greeting, I am 21 years old now with 169cm height and 46kg which is considered very skinny considering my age and height. Recently i have been trying to increase the amount of food that i consume twice the amount i normally consume but that gives no improvement in terms on weight gain. Im currently thinking on purchasing Protein powder which i hope might be useful in gaining weight. Any tips regarding on how to gain weight would be highly appreciated.
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@yanzalong (10165)
• Indonesia
29 Jan 12
Tips on how to gain weight are numerous in the internet. You can mylot search it. You should've mentioned what type of work you do everyday. Does the work require you to burn a lot of fat? The calory intake should be more than you burn in order that you can maintain the current weight. Make sure you know how much calory you burn every day.
@youless (95251)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Jan 12
This is very interesting as just now I just started a new discussion about men gain more weights after marriage. It seems this is the shortcut for men to gain more weight:) Seriously, you shall have a good sleep and diet. One day when you get married, then you will find your weights will be increasing. I love China
@zahiedp (421)
• India
28 Jan 12
In this time very less people want to gain there weight because most of people want to loose there weight .. According to your problem as you said in your discussion its totally upon your diet and also related with your works . which kind of diet you take everyday like fatty and contain carbohydrate , protein and many more mineral .. As i think you have to take 5 to 6 eggs per day and 5oo ml mile with your normal diet but still question you want weight gain there you want fatty wait or want to gain your muscle weight because different solution for each one .. For fatty gain no need to do anything just take rest after your lunch and dinner but personally i don't recommend this because its not good for health .. Now for muscle gain you have to do some exercise better join any gym its automatically your diet increase and it will also see on your body .. i said about egg (boil) and milk take in this group but try to avoid yellow portion of egg because its contain too much cholesterol and that's not good for body and reaming white portion contain totally protein and protein as you know its good body and its also help to increase weight gain and its muscular weight .. There are some other way also like you said protein powder but according to try natural think like egg and if you want buy then buy some decent brand also buy muscle gainer not buy weight gainer ..Hope my answer will help you .. Keep Mylotting ..
@marie2052 (3697)
• United States
28 Jan 12
My son is 5'11" and weighs around 130. He has managed to gain about 10 lbs in the last year. He is working out more with weights in the winter, and then during summer he is always on his feet as Security manager of the U.S. largest night club. So you can imagine how many people flow through that daily. He also goes board skimming in the water on the beach and loves to skate board. So for him to put on weight between his background herditary and staying busy its really hard for him. He also drinks at least one protein shake a day. its not that you eat more its eating the right way in good proportions and hydrate with water. Good Luck to you but enjoy being thin you might not have as many medical problems later in life as when you start putting on weight. I have never weighed over 125 and I am 59. Prior to turning 50, I never weighed over 100. So I assume the extra 25 is my so called middle age spread but for never having weight it is miserable to me. Read some of the health articles you can find online it will help you to learn how to eat portions exercise and balance your life to assist with what you want to do with your body.