And the Credit goes to IPL.

Losers Eleven - England 4-0.. :( Australia 4-0 :(
January 28, 2012 8:57am CST
First of all I congratulate all IPL supporters. See Indian team has been whitewashed again and this is such a very proud moment for those all IPL supporters. Why?? The reason is simple. The biggest culprit for this condition of Indian Test team is undoubtedly "Too much T20" or "Restless cricket" or whatever you call it. So here it is our heroes have made us proud once again. Whitewashed(8-0) twice within 6 months, there couldn't be a better news than this just before SEASON 5 of IPL. However I don't support this as I am very old fashioned and I like the traditional test cricket only.. For me it's such a shame. so can't join the party, sorry. But IPL fans you dance and party.. Cheers.
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29 Jan 12
yes, you are 100% right.IPL is the only objective for this waste. for each evaluate go with the participants are getting Rs.5-10 lakhs as go with fee.but in IPL they are getting up toRs. 5-10 crore for a interval.then how will they concentrate on 5 day kinds ? if this situation will remains like this, later on we can't see evaluate matches.
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30 Jan 12
obaidul bai nice answer
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28 Jan 12
yes, you are 100% right.IPL is the only reason for this shame.for each test match the players are getting Rs.5-10 lakhs as match fee.but in IPL they are getting up toRs. 5-10 crore for a season.then how will they concentrate on 5 day formats ? if this situation will continues like this, in future we can't see test matches.
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28 Jan 12
Headline -- Cricket is not Cricket anymore, it's become a business. There are no more cricketers but only bosses, managers and slaves(formerly known as cricketers) ; Cricket Mongoose Company, We are hiring. Very good pay. send us your c.v. *Don't forget to vote for your favorite cheerleader. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- See you just said it.. Cricket's been all about money recently.. But how we forget that when a national team goes to play abroad what matters is the reputation of the country. IPL is a domestic tournament. Does not matter whether you win a match or loose.. But it's becoming more of a business and cricketers need money first. Who cares? I won't follow cricket anymore if there's no more test cricket..