Tips, diets, and excercises that you can do to lose weight fast

January 28, 2012 10:26pm CST
Hey guys, do you have any suggestions and advices for a quite fast weight loss, i'm starting to gain weight after christmas and other holidays and esp when I finished my review school program that lasted for 3 months, when I was still in school, I am not gaining weight even if I eat alot cause I know i'm burning calories even if I am just sitting cause my brain is working by listening to dicussions etc. and I was very active that is why it made my metabolism fast, I always climb stairs, and I also walk alot, but when I left my apartment and went back to my moms since i'm done with my review classes, I became quite inactive again and I don't have the chance to excercise cause I dunno where in our street/village I can do running or jumping ropes (and other outdoor activities) i'm trying to cut off my calorie intake but I end up craving for more food, I dunno what to do now, i'm planning to start my oatmeal diet just like what I do last year to kickstart my weight loss plans, and also planning to eat more fish, veggies, and fruits and to take a lot of water, I also drink lemongrass tea, do you have any other suggestions guys so that I can atleast lose 1 pound a week?
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@yanzalong (10174)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 12
Running and jumping rope will not make you lose weight. Why? Running will not burn fat. Instead, it will burn carbohydrate. If you wanna lose weight, you have to burn fat. Walking is best for losing one's weight. Try walking for 2 hours everyday and keep your calory intake as usual.
• United States
31 Jan 12
I would try drinking water, not eating any breads or pasta and reallt start watching what you eat. I would start power walking around the block or where ever you might live or go to the park and see what you could do there and even swinging on a swing can help because your moving your legs. I also do exercises in the shower i do marching in tehre and i also try to do twist and turns in there while washing my body off and every little bit helps. I know you can do exercises with some spaghetti pasta cans and just start by lifting them if you dont have lifts too. That might help you out as well. Im trying to think of little things you can do around your house that will help you out. I would try googling house fitness and see what comes up on the internet. Goodluck
• Japan
29 Jan 12
Hello Faye, welcome to mylot! We're on the same boat right now, after holidays that passed by I did gain weight hahapartying and eating here and there weeoowww! I can suggest going to the gym regularly just like me, I enroll my self to a fitness gym center haha but just onnly for a week now and I haven't weight my self yet but some of my friends notice that I lose a little weight haha just doing threadmill and cycling.I hope it will work on you to. Goodluck to your weight lose journey