What are The Things You Do When You Are Stress?

January 29, 2012 10:53am CST
Hmmm..If you ask me I actually do many things such as: -I never sleep even though my eyes are very sleepy and wants to sleep instead I go online and chat with my friends there. -I stay awake until morning(4 or 5 am)then I go to sleep. -I eat a lot especially sweet such as chocolates,candy and cupcakes. -I drink a lot of coffee. -I spend more hours on Facebook playing Castleville ONLY. -I do HOUSEHOLD CHOIRS in just a day(general cleaning and landry). -I went outside and play with my dogs. -I listen to music on its full volume. and lastly.... -I just locked myself on my room for the whole 1 day. After I do this I always ask myself "Ako Ba Yun?"LOL!
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• Philippines
1 Feb 12
These are the things I do when I am stress.. Since I am working, when I am stressed I do the following: -I read Manga, all the updates and if I am finish with them, I update my list and start reading new ones. -Play one song in my Itouch until I memorize it. I usually listen to anime songs. -Play games in my Itouch, the ones with the management and rpg games. -If I am bored with my Itouch, I play my PSP. -I read philippine news and read the comments and I laugh with the comments. -I write here in mylot. -Study programming and web development for my upcoming blog. When I am not working here is what I do: -Sleep -Do chores -Watch Anime -Play Video Games -Read books -Cook Basically that is how my life revolves, so even I get stressed I do any of these things and I will be fine.
@ardoy0731 (6865)
• Philippines
31 Jan 12
Eating is one of my way of relieving stress.I do eat my favorite foods.Sometimes hang out with friends or go somewhere else where is quiet and peaceful.Or I do listen to music or watch TV or movie.
• India
30 Jan 12
I prefer to watch a comedy movie when i am stressed. Many a times i watch 3 4 movies in just one go. It helps me to be become normal immediately.
@GemmaR (8526)
30 Jan 12
When you are stressed, it is very important that you take yourself out of the situation that you're in, as it's clearly making you more stressed than you actually want to be. One of the things that I do is exercise. I am trying to lose weight at the moment, and I think that exercising really does help me to forget what I'm stressed about. In addition to this, it is a well known fact that exercise releases endorphins into the blood stream, which can put you in a much better mood about life in general, so it is certainly worth giving it a go if you have the chance to do so.
@alberello (4755)
• Italy
30 Jan 12
Dear friend, to answer your question, I can say that my behavior when I'm stressed, depends on the circumstances. For example, if I'm at home, sometimes I do not even want to play computer games (I play on facebook to "MMA pro fighter" and "Kingdom of Camelot"). If I'm at home I lie down on the bed, taking me at least 1 hour of rest. But if I'm elsewhere, I try to lower the pace and not get upset. Maybe going into a bar to get me a cup of coffee. That said, I wont be in the situation of stress less than possible! I think this applies to everyone.
@mavil85 (350)
• Philippines
30 Jan 12
when i am really stressed i turn to food, anything that is edible haha! such is called stress eating. or sometimes i simply walk around and jump just to release the stress and too much energy that i have.