Disappointing goalless draw against Villarreal, Barca seven points behind Madrid

January 29, 2012 7:39pm CST
As we know that Barcelona has behind five points before the weekend match to Villareal home. However, Barca unable to win the match and they only played goalless draw with Villarreal. It was really terrible result for Guardiola since they really need to earn full points and maintain the gaps to be able to compete with Madrid..We could not seen any goal from their well known sharp attackers, Alves admitted that Barcelona has lacking of balance on this game. Maybe they were to fatique after copa del rey game against Madrid on the middle of last week, but Madrid still shown great strength and won the game over Zaragoza..what do you think about Barcelona chance with this result? I have seen seven points gap is too much to catch Madrid, unless Madrid has poor game and lost many of them in the future..
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