Love is full of compromise

@deodavid (4150)
January 30, 2012 4:49pm CST
Hey guys, I am in a relationship and i have discussed here that before we were on the rocks but since we talked everything kinda mellowed down and became more stable, there are a few times that both of us will say something the other party would not like but we talked about compromise and telling the one who said the wrong or unwanted things that it is not fine to say it and just try to avoid it next time. SO we do that and it is compromise we talk about the thing we dont like and we do something about it but sometimes the minor ones we both just let it slip to avoid hassleing the moment. That's the word compromise...
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@dodo19 (34005)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
1 Feb 12
I don't think that you can be in a relationship without there being some sort of comprise. I think that compromise is important, and being able to compromise can be good to do.
@bubuth (1816)
• Philippines
31 Jan 12
In think compromise is also good in a relationship and i think there is nothing wrong about it. I also think compromise can also add trill in a relationship. It is also good to discuss the like and don't like of both of you because it can help to minimize the argument in a relationship. Its better to listen to each other so you can hear the side of your partner.
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
31 Jan 12
well i think that is true. when we are in a relationship.. it always is about compromise, talking about things that matters to each other, more understanding and more things that you need to work on for each other and is not about you.
• United States
30 Jan 12
I am just glad everything is working out for you. I know there are ups and downs in all relationships. You will be just fine don't worry about it.
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
30 Jan 12
compromise is so important, I don't think a relationaship can be a happy one without it, we all have to be fair when two people are involved so compromise is the only way to go.