How Did Voltes V End?

January 30, 2012 10:38pm CST
Friends. I just remembered Voltes V today. I had watched that cartoon series many times but never reached till the end of it. How did Voltes V end anyway? Were they able to rescue their father? Was Voltes V destroyed? Who died?
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• Calgary, Alberta
31 Jan 12
The Voltest V team travelled to the vulzanian planet to end the war once and for all. Prince Zardos is betrayed by some of his alliances, some evil horned guy ordered guards to kill The Prince. Prince Zardos is actually the half Brother of the 3 brothers, when he found out that he is a son of a non horned Vulzanian, He felt disgusted with him self. He is able to summon a blue skinned Robot that looks like him. I dont remembered much but in the end he will sacrifice his life for his half brothers. In theend there is a dramatic scene were the 3 brothers finally rescue their dad and hugged him. I will try to squeeze my memory for more details.