Melissa Gilbert's "A Prairie Tale". Have you read this & what's your opinion?

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January 31, 2012 1:23pm CST
Many of the reviews I read (I read these after I read the book) weren't very good. They said she sugar coated the negative stuff that had to do with her. I didn't think she sugar coated it, but she didn't go into a lot of detail. I read this book and really liked it. The reviews stated that she downplayed her drinking problem. In the book, she did say that it was serious and she gave incidences and said how it impacted her family and herself. She said that it put a strain on the marriage. She made it clear that it wasn't good for her marriage or children. The book was also about her interactions with other celebrities, her celeb friends and the movies/shows she was in. If she did sugar coat it at all, I think it was a learned trait from her mom. I'm not mom bashing. Melissa was very loved by her mom and she appreciated it. In the book she said that her mom wanted everything to be perfect. They had a perfect family, perfect life. Which was ironic because when Melissa's mom took her to auditions and she didn't make her 'look' perfect. She wanted Melissa to essentially be herself, so if she had some chocolate on her face or her hair wasn't combed just right, that was fine. Here's and excerpt from on of Melissa Gilbert's interviews: I first read Melissa Sue Anderson's "The Way I See It". It was ok, but mostly she gave a lot of little excerpts from "Little House on the Prairie". And she took a couple of stabs to Melissa Gilbert and Michael Landon. Here is and excerpt from one of her interviews: Now I want to read the book from Alison Arngrim who played Nellie Oleson called "Confessions of a Prairie B****". I'm not too impressed with her interview:
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10 Mar 12
I listened to your link, not sure what i really think, perhaps she sees things differently now she is older. I love Little house, my children aged 12 love watching the shows as well. I can't decide wheter to have Charles as my husband or dad, as he is so yummy and a very good dad (I do konw the shows are only based on the true life of Laura and life was so much harder than the shows retell) As a girl I wanted to live on the Prairie and still do and wish I could come and visit the film set etc. I'm in England UK