The formula of Hate = Love --- is this true?

January 31, 2012 7:38pm CST
When it comes to giving advices about love and relationship, I would pretty say I am good at it. But when it comes to knowing someone loves, likes or others relating to love to me, I suck at it. I can tell if a person likes or loves a friend of mine, but when it comes to me, I am totally clueless, I think this has been a thing for me since High School. I am not very popular at school, but there are some people who admire me (just so I thought). When I was in High School, I confessed to a close friend of mine who I was inlove with, at first I was hesitant to say it because I am so not good at confessions and it was my first time, but it turned out okay because she admitted that she loves me too. In my mind I was like "what?", I asked my friends about it, and they knew from the very beginning she liked me, and I ask them, that seems impossible because everytime we talk and shout and others she would always say "I Hate You". I thought the I hate you expression was just saying you're irritating and stuff, but they said she didn't mean it that way. My friends describe me as a dense person, because I don't see the way they see it, It surprises me that some would come up and confess to me for some reasons I don't even know. I am just a simple person, a friend to those who have befriended me and a person who stands beside a friend if he/she needs help. My friends would say I hate you, but it turns that it could be like or love or any other expression. Like the quote says "the more you hate the person, the more you love the person", I do not even know if this applies to me, I mean sure, I hated someone before but I learned to love that person and accept her for who she is and became a good friend. So, my fellow mylotters, I know I am really a dense person, there are more stories but I do not want to keep this long, does this formula really apply to almost all of the situation? What kind of situation where this formula does not apply that instead of equals it is greater than or less than either... I hope to learn from you. I would to be able to grasp the situations and learn from it and also improve myself, so that I will not be a dense person. Thank You.
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@sajuman (1854)
• India
31 May 12
no it is not true.Sometimes it happens.The more you hate the more you love..By saying i hate you doesn't mean that the person telling that actualy hate is actually his or her freedom that she can tell anything or he can..But exceptions are there.In your case also.
@kaylachan (4776)
• Daytona Beach, Florida
2 Feb 12
In a lot of cases, I'd have to say yes it does and can. Not saying this is guranteed to be true, but it's been proven to be so more often then not. Hate can often be easier to express than love, therefore in the frustration of conflicted emotions, its often esier to say "hate" because of the fear of what would happen if you, or anyone admited their feelings. which is harder then it sounds. Fear of rejection, it's what drives us.
2 Feb 12
"The more you hate ,the more you love".I believed on that,but it depends on the situation..If you too close to the person you hate(i'm reffering here always at your sight,like Classmates,schoolmates,etc.)..maybe you will come to the point you realize that you like him/her and accidentally you may fall to that person..and by saying they hate the person they love? maybe they just have no guts to express their feelings,they will rather pretend.
• United States
1 Feb 12
HAHA I too am terrible at knowing when someone is interested in me as more than a friend. I always think guys are trying to flirt with me whether they are or not and my feelings toward them cause a lot of problems. Like if he is flirting and I might also be interested, I screw it all up because I have never been skilled at flirting (I tell people all the time that I flirt like a 10 year old boy...pulling hair, hitting, calling people names... it's terrible ) and because I'm bad at it I get frustrated and run away. Or if he isn't flirting but I want him too then I get all over excited and make him run away. I am terminally single.
• Philippines
1 Feb 12
Well, sometimes I hate means i love you. Some girls do say i hate you if you say or do something that can make them bluff.. hahah.. But i think true love starts in friendship.. In friendship, you'll know yourselves more clearly..
@mariamac (145)
• India
1 Feb 12
When you say your friends say they hate you, you are talking about people who know you in and out or with whom you spend time, so they know you and in that regard even if they say they hate you, they don't actually mean it. Many a times we are good at judging others becoz here we are the third party, i mean we are not involved in it so it becomes easy for us to see things more clearly. But when it comes to us, here we are involved so obviously, its like if you are watching a play you can tell what was good in it and what went wrong. but now think you are acting in it, then it becomes difficult because you are involved in it. So you would need someone else to tell you. Hate could be a very misused term. many a times it does not mean the way its used. Many a times its just used to draw attention, to keep the person wondering why does he or she hate me, many a times it is used as a reverse psychology, like they say when a girl says no, she actually means yes, so hate you would actually mean the opposite. Many a times it also means that this person hates you because you are so good and they can't bear to see you being so good. Its now up to you to judge. Make yourself a spectator and see it you will get an answer.
@ucha14 (531)
• Indonesia
1 Feb 12
yeah in fact people thats say i hate you can be a true love in the next day, because i think meaning of hate is love but people no understand with them