Depth of Field [Learning and Knowledge Sharing]

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January 31, 2012 11:03pm CST
Dear all, Today, I am going to discuss about Depth of Field or also known as DoF. A lot of people are confused and not sure what is the meaning of Depth of Field. Personally, I am also confused and do not understand what it means but after going through some tutorials on blog and watching videos on YouTube, I finally understand what Depth of Field really is. Topic: Depth of Field Depth of Field is the term to define how sharp is the objects in a photo. In other words, it is how much focus you put in your picture (focusing on one object or focusing overall to give clear and sharp photo). Shallow Depth of Field Shallow depth of field means that your photos are focusing mainly on one subject and the background and foreground of the object are blurred. This normally happens in photos of portrait where we are trying to focus only on the person and blur all the background and foreground. This can be done using lens with bigger aperture such as F1.8. Large Depth of Field For large depth of field, it means that the photos are all clear and sharp. All the objects in the photos are sharp and clear. This can be done using lens with smaller aperture such as F8.0. Large depth of field is good for landscape photography where we want to have a nice clear and sharp photo of the landscape we are trying to capture. To use large depth of field or small depth of field, it is your choice. As long as the photos taken can bring out the feeling that you want, then it is alright. I hope this discussion can help everyone to learn and understand depth of field. I am also learning photography. It is so much fun. If you have any questions or comments, please leave some of your opinions and ideas below. We can learn together.
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