Merit in Indian Politics

January 31, 2012 11:28pm CST
Elections for some state legislatures in India are in different stages, making waves in the news media. I don't like to participate actively for the dirt existing in Indian politics. Firstly, there is no consideration of merit of those trying to enter the legislatures. While, there are qualification and age bars even for peon't post in the government offices, there is no such bar for being in the legislature, parliament or in the ministry. Illiterates are often found filling these positions. True, in a democracy, there is no need for imposing any restriction of a person elected by people through democratic elections. But there should be a true democracy. In India votes are purchased in return of money, alcoholic drinks, and even promises of free doles after getting elected. One such politician has promised free laptop computers to each student of secondary standard if elected to power. Tamil Nadu state government is reported to have distributed free laptop computers to students. These are nothing but bribing the voters at cost to the poor people of the country. Caste-based reservations for education, employment, promotion and also for seats in legislatures and parliament has made it impossible for the meritorious persons getting elected.
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