Street Foods!

February 1, 2012 12:17am CST
Every places, country I may say has different streets foods, yummy or yucky! Hahaha! I lived in Philippines so here are some of our delicacy raised from the street: Isaw = grilled, or dip fried chicken intestine that is dip in a vinegar or to specially made sauce. Adidas = grilled or dip fried chicken feet dip in sauce. betamax = hardened chicken blood, grilled. kwek-kwek = boiled chicken, duck or quail eggs enveloped with colored orange flour. :) Balut = boiled duck with fetus duck inside. Pastil = rice noodle eaten with specially made hot, chili, vinegar and water. Satti = is a muslim made delicacy where you eat a rice wrapped in a coconut leaves, with a hot, chili sauce, eaten with barbequed chicken or beef liver, or meat. these are the only ones i remember so far. Share some of the street foods you have in your place or country. maybe one day I'll go to your place and I might look for those to taste! :)
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• Philippines
1 Feb 12
Street foods? just be careful that it is not loaded with bacteria and viruses... and other harmful elements