Trouble Recognizing when someone is interested in you

@stealthy (8188)
United States
February 1, 2012 5:32pm CST
I was always very shy growing up. So I think that possibly because of that I was very slow to recognize if a girl was interested in me. There were many times that much later after seeing a girl or even talking with her that I would realize that she had been flirting with me or showing a little more than just a passing interest. I know that because of this, I probably missed out on many opportunities for dating and maybe even for getting to know the one that was "the one" for me. I did eventually get over most of my shyness but I still have trouble telling if I am being flirted with or if a woman is interested without her being quite open or blatant about it.
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@SarahAlyx (181)
• United States
1 Feb 12
As much as I hate to admit it and this doesn't go for all women but many that I know they like to play games as many people would call them. Most of the time they try to give you that vibe that they might just could be interested, but it's a matter of you, your personality, and the way you like to go about things on whether or not you take the first step and initate the flirting. People do not like to be rejected therefore most people will not ever take that first step even though there very well could be something much more there. Best way I can tell you that when a girl is flirting is when they make eye contact, smile a lot, or laugh at like everything you say, when they stumble over their own words (not always but it does happen) if they are bold enough they even reach out to touch you such as a playful push, a soft touch on the arm, a back on the back, ect.. I hope this helps!
• United States
1 Feb 12
a pat on the back or shoulder. I got a bit ahead of myself when typing. :)
@AmbiePam (50398)
• United States
7 Feb 12
I'm with you. I was so shy. And I went to a very small school. I went to college early, then a couple years later was in an accident that had me in and out of college for years. After dropping out for good I was constantly in the doctor's office or the hospital. I missed a lot of socialization. So still today it's hard for me to tell.
@kyrararen (601)
• Indonesia
2 Feb 12
yeah agree with the poster before me,sometimes girls play the game, you know the game that makes her flirted with someone, like playing truth or dare game. even so, it doesn't mean that those who plays that game happen to flirt to you, everyone that trying to flirt to you doesn't have the feeling for you. you can know from what type of that girl is, is she shy person or what? because once you knew it, you will not have any difficulties to recognize what she's doing to you. but guess what, I think the safest way, you just need to be more active I guess. as a man, well I am not sexist but it happens still here in my country, you make the first move. it's hard indeed since you are shy person. you get what you want, and when you don't. you learn something from it. based on experience, if the girl's acts as if she was fine but you know that she's nervous by noticing some sweat between her lips and her nose, her voice, and body language she uses, you will know my friend.