Any inspiring stories to share?:D

@Heixyin (175)
February 3, 2012 9:18am CST
Here's mine. Enjoy. There was once a boy who lost his left hand in an accident. This thus robbed his dream to learn and become a professional martial artist. Even so, he was persistent. He went to the gym of his wishes to learn judo. At first, the teacher rejected him, but he keeps on pleading and never gave up. Thus, the teacher finally gave in as he saw the spirit that kid had. Thus began the training of that kid. However, after two months, the teacher only taught him one move. Just one. He thought that his teacher let him join judo because of sympathy. He thus, became angry and trained hard to prove his teacher wrong. He went for competition and won with the move his teacher thought him. After his win, he thought that his teacher would finally approve him and teach him newer moves but his teacher didn't do so. He was sad, but he keep practicing trying to prove his teacher wrong. He went for more competition, and won every time without losing once with the only move he knew. And finally, he reached the top, the final. During the final, his opponent was pretty strong. They keep going round and round but suddenly his opponent showed an opening. Grabbing this chance , he used the move his teacher taught him and he beat the opponent. He won. And is now the champion of the judo world. His coach congratulated him but said nothing of teaching him a new move. Unable to hold it any longer, he finally asked his coach, ' coach, I won every competition, I trained very hard, and now I'm champion. Why don't you approve me as your student and teach me more moves. Why do you only teach me this move' The coach replied calmly,' This is because, the only move that is able to counter that move I taught you is by grabbing hold of your left hand.' Thanks for listen. I'd you have any stories, do share :D
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