"respond to this discussion" button missing

@nicanorr (1789)
February 3, 2012 4:41pm CST
In my last 2 topics posted, I missed seeing the button in red "respond to this discussion" just a little over the CashGopher ad. And without it- I am amazed as to how can users post their responds, reactions or answers. This morning I had rather a pleasant surprise of my life when the preceding topic "why people refused seeing a doctor or visiting a hospital ..." just after clicking the start discussion button, came the duscussion subject, details complete with a response. The response carries a time of 8 minutes. I think the clicking of the start discussion button together with the appearance of the dscussion subject and all just took me 8 seconds. Help me! Help me unmasked the problem!
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• Netherlands
4 Feb 12
You can not respond to your own discussion it would also be a bit weird. But if you want to respond to someone that post something on your discussion you can give a comment. If people response to my discussion i most of the time give an answer if they ask a question back or if i am totally agree or disagree with them. I hope you understand now why there isn't a button to respond to your own discussion.
@nicanorr (1789)
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
Let me make myself clear. After posting a discussion subject, I missed the red button which says 'Respond to this discussion' I don't mean to respond or make comments to my own issue or discussion because that would sound silly. I was bothered by the thought on how other users can respond to my published discussion without it. But now this is no longer a problem to me. The problem was answered by the preceding user who said I need not worry because it's normal. The button in question isn't appearing also in his discussion topics. It's absent in the owner of the discussion but available for users who feel a need to comment. Thanks mayorroald for the response.