Conte amazing achievement this season

February 3, 2012 8:46pm CST
Well, as we know Juventus still on top of the table and this because of Conte amazing performance as Juventus Coach. Even Conte has only started coached them since beginning of this season but seems his strategy and approaching to players working very well.Pirlo has this opinion and never expected conte will bring Juventus to this level very fast. Meaning Conte has something to manage as coach, as great as when he became one of the Juventus players in glorious era..Del Piero has also still playing in this team under Conte..he will be legend if able to bring Juventus win Serie A title this season What do you think about Conte achievement?
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• Indonesia
29 Jul 12
According to Conte that I am an extraordinary, could bring Juventus won the Serie A this season, which is the year his debut with Juventus. Sniper tactics and a good player who helped the performance of Juventus this season is remarkable even without having first defeat in the League. Congratulations to Juventus with Conte adding back his title and that has been registering the history again at Juventus.
• Indonesia
15 Feb 12
Yes, indeed. It was some decent achievement by Conte. But we need to be reminded that Conte hasn't achieve anything yet in Juve. Top of the standings or capolista is good. But much better if it was done at the end of the season. One thing for sure, and it was admitted by most Juventini, Conte has brought back the 'grinta' or the spirit of Juve, which means they would never surrender until the final whistle is blown. They will keep fighting and playing for one final destination only: that is to win