"Coincidence"- do they really happen to us??

@sayo13 (414)
February 4, 2012 6:17am CST
by this word i think all of you must have some sort of experience to relate to in your life. well this is a word which comes to all of us in real surprise and sudden. but many people hate to believe in such words like "coincidence" but in my life i do not have any such memorable happening or occurrence that will allow me to take this "word" seriously. but i have heard many people saying incidence that they term as "coincidence". do you have any such experience to share with me?? you are most welcome.
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@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
4 Feb 12
yes big ones happen and little ones happen all the time, just tonight, last year two of my friends who do not know each other at all had babies, one had a boy and one had a girl so me being silly said I was going to match them up, I have them both on my Facebook but they don't know each other but so many times they both put a photo up of their babies, sometimes right after one another and tonight first my friend with the baby boy said how he turnes 9 months today and then two posts later my other friend puts up how her little girl turnes 7 months today....as both the mothers are young they take many photos of their babies and put them up on facebook, so many times straight after one another they put their babies up on Facebook... I think maybe when they grow up they will meet and get married...
@sayo13 (414)
• India
4 Feb 12
hello lilaclady, that is so sweet kind of coincidence to happen!! well i think again coincidence will happen if what you just said comes true, when these two babies will get married when they grow up.. that will be really cute and lovely happening for you. best wishes.
• Philippines
4 Feb 12
Yes, They really happen. There was a time that when I met a close friend of mine in an unexpected place without any communication. I didn't expect that this friend of mine will be there too.