can you maintain diet or you hate it like me??

@sayo13 (414)
February 4, 2012 6:28am CST
well this a strong word with a very strong effect and influence in many of our's life. "Diet" is some thing that put you on restriction not to have different types of food and edible items that will put us on gaining calories and will definitely some way or the other lead to the root of unnecessary disease in life. people are bound to follow a diet chart when they feel that their eating habits are effecting their lifestyle in some other ways. i am not talking about "fat" people who should be on some sort of diet to avoid various health problems, but i am talking about the notion of most of the people of this age to look good and "perfect" in every way by sacrificing their favorite food and eating habits. i hate to be on "diet", though in the last couple of months i do put on some weight some the more i think of maintaining a "diet" the more i prone to eat all those which i should not... !! are you people on diet? or hate it like i do..??
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@zaahro (749)
• Indonesia
5 Feb 12
Well I am not on diet and I never do diet. I don't hate diet. I was born with small size . I am not easy to get fat, I need to eat more and take vitamins to gain more weight. It is okay, doing diet is good for your health
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
ive tried many times to mauntain diet but sorry to note coz i cant make it.i feel more hunger if ever i wont eat and by the time i take my dinner ,the more i want to eat...huhu sad to note...pls help me how to undergo such maintaining doet?
@Aja103654 (5658)
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
I don't like diets either. Food and eating it is one of my most favorite hobbies! It relaxes me and makes me happy to eat. Restrictions limit that happiness. I'm aware that discipline is of vital importance in this case, because over-eating can lead to obesity which will predispose us to many other diseases. We should take care of our body and put effort in minor sacrifices like diets even if we don't like it. to help you, it's better to exercise. exercising can release certain hormones that will make you happy and helps you lose weight. diet and exercise is key.
@diillu (5128)
4 Feb 12
I am not fat actually. My body mass index is perfect but of course got little bit of extra belly which I am dying to get rid of but of course couldn't stick to the diet plan which I have been planning since decade lol. And I totally hate dieting. I think food makes me happy. Whenever I am stressed I eat and whenever I am excited I eat. So, its like the hardest possible thing for me to do. I eat and I work out. There are days when I go without any chocolates, ice creams or any food that will make me gain weight but then again there are days when I wouldn't miss any of these. But the thing is I make sure that I am working out enough so that I wouldn't be putting up any extra pounds. I love food so theres no way I am going on a diet or something like that. So, the best thing for me to do is workout. :)
@GemmaR (8526)
4 Feb 12
I am on a diet at the moment, and have been on it for the past year. I have managed to lose eighty one pounds so far, and I have another twenty four to lose until I reach my eventual goal of one hundred and five pounds. I don't enjoy restricting the things that I eat, but I do know that it is just what we have to do if we want to have the body of our dreams. I know that when I am maintaining my weight rather than trying to lose weight I will be able to eat a little bit more each day, and I am more than looking forward to that being the case.
@ankit_620 (496)
• India
4 Feb 12
Well i don't have any kind of health condition which obligates me to get on a diet so i don't have a particular diet.I don't avoid any type or food or something but i do try to indulge certain type of food in my day to day diet not everyday but some days.I do go on a fruit diet for one day every month and that isn't hard for me at all.