Teeth Brushing Facts

United States
February 4, 2012 4:09pm CST
These are things that I read over the years about brushing your teeth (any dentist can feel free to dispute one if it's wrong): 1. If you have to choose between only one, it's more important to floss than brush. 2. You shouldn't cap your tooth brush cause it promotes bacterial growth. 3. You should floss before brushing instead of after. 4. You should wait a little bit after eating to brush your teeth (and even after drinking soda) I don't floss often and on average brush twice a day. How often do you brush your teeth? Does anyone brush at work? Very curious if 3 times a day is more normal.
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@marianne87 (3526)
4 Feb 12
I brush my teeth in the morning and in the evening. I make sure my kids do too. I use mouthwash too, but somehow I have still ended up with weak tooth enamel and have had to have several fillings in the past 2 years. My dentist can't explain it, especially as I hardly have any sugar in my diet, but he did mention that pregnancy can decalcify and weaken teeth.
• Singapore
6 Feb 12
I suggest you increase your calcium intake. Brocolli is one example and spinach I think is another besides milk and cheese. My sister told me of a friend of hers who has oseoporosis (sorry lazy to look up spelling) when she is in her thirties *scary* Do not however go overboard with calcium intake though, that can be damaging also. Best thing consult your doctor.
@momof3kids (1903)
• Singapore
6 Feb 12
I think I brush twice on most days and I try not to eat too many sweet things. My teeth are in pretty good condition considering that I have had a filling only when I am in my thirties. I had my first toothache in 2006 when I cannot clean one of my wisdom teeth properly. I got rid of all four of them in the same year. But I think I need to increase my calcium intake. Been too busy at the PC lately :( BTW good tips!!
@Graceekwenx (3163)
• Philippines
5 Feb 12
Welcome to Mylot Dan! This is a good read. I dont even floss my teeth ahhahaha! I brush it though 3x day.