2 guinea pigs, one really sick.

February 4, 2012 11:53pm CST
I've had 2 guinea pigs for exactly 2 years now, and we had a rough patch with one of them over a year ago. He stopped pooping for a while and had to figure out how to fix him up. I managed to do so, and he survived. Now, they're 5 years old, and the other one is now sick. He's not pooping, eating, drinking or even moving much at all. He's lost a tremendous amount of weight, you can see it on him. Never noticed this as he lives most of his life in his little hut in his cage, afraid of pretty much everything. He rarely came out of his hut. Yesterday though, he seemed to be fine, but then today we suddenly noticed him not pooping. Even after cleaning his cage we could see it. I took him out of the cage so it could be cleaned and I bathed him because he'd been lying in filth. He was cold to touch, so we moved his cage as well. I wrapped him in a warm towel and sat by the fireplace for a while. I then put him in my sweater and he curled up against my side and stayed there for almost an hour. I syringe fed him water and some grated carrots as well, and a bit of laxative. I even fed him some mash. I will not be surprised that he's gone in the morning, but will be surprised if he does make it. Hoping for the best.
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