If you are programming for Android - What was your first own App about?

February 5, 2012 10:19am CST
I started Android programming about one year ago, I was already programming in Java for five years so I thought "couldn't be so didfficult." But it was difficult for me. I needed to learn things again you should know after a few weeks of programming. So it took quite long for me to get my first App working. It was a simple game where you can kill mosquitos and so on. Just go to the Android Market you will find millions of these games BUT I was proud. I learned something new with just a few tutorials (I don't like to learn with much tutorials you just start to search for every small step and don't try to make something on your own.) After that I made a simple Shutdown-My-PC-App. It simple shuts down my computer after I typed in a special password. Of course there is a programing running on my computer which waits for this action... but now I don't need to look in via teamviewer and wait for hours just to turn my computer off. So, whats your Android programming experience and what was your first own app?
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• Calgary, Alberta
12 Feb 12
first I will make a ripoff of Plants vs. Zombies because there is actually a demand for it,you know they wanted a plants vs. zombies ripoff but no one is making it, so why not make a similar game and make cash out of it. Another one will be a working fighting game for the android, There is only 1 fighting game title in the android and its not working. so if I make one there will be no competition. for an original app, I want an app that will helo the touch screen to stay sensitive, you know its frustrating when the touch screen is losing sensitivity.