cyber bullying/trolling.

February 6, 2012 3:07pm CST
I just saw a programme on BBC 1 about cyber bullying and some of the programme made me feel sick. I want to know how many people on here have ever been cyber bullied online? I am looking to start a web page to help people cope with this and to discuss what is happening to people.
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@megamatt (14332)
• United States
8 Feb 12
Never personally, but I have known people have and they rather feel trapped. Of course, awareness of bullying of all types is really picking up in recent years. I remembered when I went to school, where bullying in general was just "a part of school" as much as bells and erasers and books. It wasn't really looked at in the way it was these days, but now a lot of awareness about how it can mentally effect a person is coming up. The web page you are planning to start is a great idea. Hopefully the word will be spread about what will happen. Of course, with all of the cases that you hear of, just imagine how many cases that you don't hear about. People tend to not really say anything, so they feel trapped and it escalates out of control. Even ending in a rather ugly manner.
• United States
6 Feb 12
I can't remember ever really being cyber bullies, but of course I have heard of this sort of thing happening. In fact a few years ago I saw on a news report that this poor teenage girl was cyber bullied so bad that she hung herself. I could not believe that this was allowed to happen to this young girl. Bad enough they have to be bullied in school, but now it's happening in their homes too? It's just too much. Something most certainly has to be done about these bullies & I'm talking about more then just taking away their computers or suspending them from school. So far they have been doing that & it's proven as unsuccessful.
@lilaclady (28270)
• Australia
6 Feb 12
great idea chill, I think a lot of youngys need help these days, I was jjust taliking to a friend the other day, that when I was at school my school had the worst name in Melnourne at the time and yet I never saw bullying at all, why kids do this I don't know, what is it, jealousy perhaps, thats the only thing I can think of.