earn lot of money

November 21, 2006 12:41am CST
i wanna earn lot of money in my life.i wanna enjoy my life like a rich man.& i can do everything for that.
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• India
6 Feb 07
if u want to earn a lot of money then visit www.ebizel.com see the download section on the website for earning presentation and legals of the company.if u r interested in joining the mission then mail me to sangwan85@gmail.com
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@zaichn (319)
• Philippines
28 Feb 07
If you really want to earn money and enjoy being a rich man, well then i guess my direct answer would be "work for it man". You can't even see a penny everywhere so you really have to look for money and not wait for the money to look after you. You should just work hard to earn money. I will definitely love the feeling better if i became a rich man from starting out as rags. I work hard and work hard again. Just have faith
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@nic_knick (741)
• China
14 Feb 07
my god.
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@MrGhost (550)
8 Apr 13
Every one wants to earn a lot and become rich. This is nothing new. But the million dollar question is how to earn so much. Have you really any idea?
@skbadhan (881)
• India
4 May 07
every one in this world wants to grow rich and enjoy financial freedom you can't make it very fast its not only your earning that can make you rich but you must learn the art of handling money and putting money to work for you. i will suggest you read must book by a very famous author Robert T Kiyoski..........Rich Dad & Poor Dad , you will find a clear idea of how to start and how to proced toward finacial freedom