Whats your opinion Death penality or Life in Prison??

@bjc66bjc (6745)
United States
February 7, 2012 4:23pm CST
Hi mylotters, I was wondering how you guys feel about the death penality..do you believe is right for a person to be sentenced to the death penality or should they just get life in prison without parole.. A lot of people will probably jump all over my opinion but I personally do not agree with the death penality...I just don't think its right for anyone to take the life of another person.. I do think that the murders/killers, should get life in prison. There have been instances where people have spent years and years in prison to find out that they are innocent...thats a sad sceniro.. Suppose they had been executed as innocent persons... I wonder how the people feel who are responsible for injecting that needle or the people in the firing squard...Can they really sleep with they have done on their conscience?? I will read your opiinions and respect everyones opinion,,,be candied just how do you feel about the subject....
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