Do you know Garlic Tea For Coughs?

@boylopez (382)
February 8, 2012 12:57am CST
Garlic is the one and most valuable and versatile food in the earth. Fresh garlic has many active constituents. Potency as an antibiotic treating high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol. The active component in garlic is sulfur compound called allicin. Allicin is quite powerful as an antibiotic, agent that helps the body to inhibit the ability of germs to grow and reproduce. Do you know Garlic Tea For Coughs? Believe or not, this warm garlic soup has a very pleasant taste. Are you aware of garlic? It is a herbal spices.
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@surekharathi (14134)
• India
26 Jul 12
No I not know Garlic tea because in my home nobody eats garlic but thanks to share this discussion. At least I know the use garlic.
@Yheart (497)
• Indonesia
13 Feb 12
Did you try garlic tea? Did it really taste good? Amazing! My family usually use garlic for cooking but never for tea.
@Micmac (9008)
8 Feb 12
I add fresh garlic when I have garlic bread and I love to put garlic in my dal/split pea soup. As for garlic tea, I haven't heard about it and I'm sure it would make me puke if I drank garlic tea. Nevertheless, yup, garlic has many vitamins and is good for the health.
@vandana7 (66091)
• India
8 Feb 12
Hey - I thought that it was ginger that had all those properties.. garlic tea indeed. Gotta try before I go for my medical tests for renewing my medical insurance. :)
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
8 Feb 12
oooh I could imagine garlic tea would be a bit hard to get dow, I couldn't imagine it could taste very good, I wonder if you could mix something to make it taste good.