two-times a month of monthly period?

February 8, 2012 6:58am CST
did you girls hate the feeling having a monthly period. It iritates me. But have you experience to have 2 times periods in a month?i don't know if that is a bad sign or not. Can anyone share thoughts about it.
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@Shavkat (65270)
• Philippines
1 Sep 12
I think you need to consult a doctor, it seems you have a hormonal problems. There is something wrong, two times magic period for a month is not normal.
• Canada
15 May 12
Are you stressed out about something? This happened to me only once because I went though a really rough patch. If it happens again, I suggest you go see a doctor, there could be something ailing within..
@lil_toni (206)
9 Feb 12
I also find it irritating when I have my period. Some women are experiencing pain in their periods. But for me, It just come out last year.Maybe I'm lack of exercise because I normally do my exercise twice or 3 times a week,just simple exercise. But when I stop it,that's the time i feel something bad.It limits the things that I want to do. Exercise do help a lot in many ways like this one.But I have no experience in having my period twice a month. I only experience skipping my period in a month,but it only happened once.It was my fault actually because I was careless that day.I slip and my butt just bumped on the floor.It really hurts so badly.Thank God my period now is normal.In your case,If you have your period by 1, and then it came back by 29, I think it's normal because the normal cycle of our period I guess is every 28 days.But if it's not,then I think you should consult a doctor to help you with your condition. And I also think that stress is one of the causes of irregular periods.Other causes would be imbalance nutrition,imbalance hormones and excessive weight increase or weight loss.
@zaahro (749)
• Indonesia
8 Feb 12
Hello arianne_mae_... For me it is okay when the period come, but when it hurts my back and tummy I'll get upset easily. It hurts me badly and sometimes I can't even do anything cz the pain. Ummm,, I never experienced having period two times in a month. Maybe it is because you are stress or too tired. If it is just once or twice and the period come normall again I think it is not bad. If you are not sure just visit the doctor :)
@samd87 (327)
8 Feb 12
I think that if this is just a one off I wouldn't worry too much about it, but if it continues then see a doctor. It could be anything, hormone levels changing, stress or change in diet.