curtasy.a lost art...

United States
February 8, 2012 9:18am CST
Im noticing more an more these days were people dont have any curtasy anymore. are we that busy we cant open doors anymore? Or help elderly with a cart? I was so aggitated the other day at the dollar general. it was a long line to check out everyone with full buggies. behind me was a elderly woman with a 4 pack of toliet paper. u could tell she was havin a hard time standing in line. the lady in front of me mind u was probaly in her late 40s an Buggie full. i told the elderly woman she could go ahead of me. the woman in front om me i assumed would do the same. oh no she smiled an said thats nice of u...shes like id let her go too but im in a the hole minute if it took that woulda made her late for something. she made that poor woman wait behind her buggie full. am i the only one irritated by this stuff?
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
8 Feb 12
i definitely think it is a lost art. i have two teenaged daughters and often i have to remind to say please and thank you even and some of their friends are worse!
• United States
8 Feb 12
Its awful! Im tryin to teach my 8 yr old manners an one thing that bugs id when he opens the door for people they dont even thank him....grr i make a point to be real loud an say goof job buddy! That was so polite of u!!! Im sure they feel stupid cause i kinda on my way make ot clear they are