Why do police always shoot to kill?????

United States
@bjc66bjc (6751)
February 8, 2012 3:11pm CST
I am wondering why when police shoot at a person, they shoot to kill. I have never understood why they don't shoot them in legs or something. Why shoot to kill sometimes its even wrong suspect,not even knowing if its not one of their own, and we know that has happened more time that we would like to count... Now if the police are in a jeopardyand the suspect has a weapon or is thought to have a weapon of course I understand you just shoot to save a life, being theirs or some elses... It just senselss to me to shoot to kill...if there is not a weapon and the situtation is not dangereous why not just bring them down..I mean thay have shot their own in hastyey situtation like this.....