everyone wants to go to heaven so why are we afraid to die?`

February 9, 2012 12:23am CST
It is a general knowledge that certainly nobody wants to end up in hell. who would want to be buried in flames of fire for eternity anyway? but then I always hear people around me saying they really wanna go to heaven yet nobody wants to go there yet because they are afraid to die. So i got into thinking, why are we so afraid to die when we already know where we want are destination to be between two eternities?
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• United States
9 Feb 12
well the reason why i'm afraid to die is because i am going to leave behind the people i love. and i just want to be with my family and my daughter, my husband . i just can't imagine being without them.i mean that's my only reason why.but i know that one day i am going to die and i know that i would be happy in heaven.thats where i'm going to spend eternities at.
• Philippines
9 Feb 12
you have one great positive fear, I guess because mostly people are afraid to die because of some self-centered reasons. like you I don't also want to die-well not too soon yet because I still have my family to take care of and friends I really would love to spend longer years with but what I do know is that I'm going to heaven because that is where I intend to go just as you where you want to. God bless!!
• Jacksonville, Florida
10 Feb 12
I think the biggest reason for the fear is the unknown. And maybe if it will hurt when we die. I don't want to be in pain and I believe I am going to Heaven, but God has not come down and told me that so it is still a tiny worry that I might not go to Heaven... I also don't want to leave my family behind. So for me there are a few reasons why I am afraid.
10 Feb 12
hi friend:) :):) yes i agree on your point. every one wants to go for heaven but no one wants to die...t is not according to your wish selecting hell or heaven. according to my grandmaa sayings, true people goes to heaven and bad people goes to hell. there is no good people as well as bad people. every one is good and also every one is bad...
@beenice2 (2431)
• Canada
9 Feb 12
We are so afraid to die because we are not going to heavens we stay in the dirt for a good while until Christ comes back, yes it is in the Bible.
• India
9 Feb 12
I don't know if the guys who talk about this that hell is full of flames and fires and have seen hell or not. I guess if there is any thing called heaven or hell or they just say to scare the human beings.